How to Recover 7z file Password? Easiest Way

Last updated: June 2nd, 2022 at 05:20 am

The most common file type that used by most users for storing different data items and folder is 7z/7zip. While using 7z files, users got the facility to encrypt file with password. But this process, sometime creating problem for users. Because of forgotten password users becomes unable to access their 7z file’s data. This article is written for users who is this scenario and searching for query “How to Recover Lost 7Z/7Zip File Password?”.. Lets start

7Z/Zip is a tool that allows users to compress files to make them smaller by size. It is the best solution for preserving several files or folders to a single location. Multiple users in this world are using 7z files to save their vital data. 7z also has the power to save their data with total security. Also, users gets the option to encrypt 7z files with passwords.

It’s simple to add password security to 7z files. However, if a user forgets their 7z file password, the scenario becomes extremely difficult for them. When a user loses their password, they become unable to access their vital data from 7z files.

As a result, users need a solution to perform 7z password recovery in order to unlock 7z files.

How to Recover a Lost 7Z/7Zip File Password Quickly

The best method that can help people who are searching for “How to Recover 7z file Password?” is PassVare 7z Password Recovery Software. With this smart tool, users will be able to recover complicated or long passwords with a few mouse clicks.

This tool can recover both the maximum and minimum length passwords with great speed. It will also do forgotten 7z file password recovery without losing a single bit of data from 7zip file. Easily a user can recover alphabetic, numeric, symbolic, and special character passwords through this utility.

Steps to Recover Lost 7Z file Password with 7Z Password Recovery tool:-

  • Download, Install 7z password recovery tool on your Windows machine.
  • Launch the software and add password-protected 7z files.
  • Choose a recovery strategy from options “brute force”, “dictionary”, and “mask attack”.
  • Apply other required settings with the recovery strategy and hit the Start button to begin 7z password recovery job.

The software will recover 7z file password in a short period of time. After recovering the password, use the software’s copy to clipboard feature to quickly paste the recovered password into the 7z file and unlock it easily.

PassVare 7z Password Recovery Tool: Most Powerful features.

  • Recover lost 7z passwords of any character combinations with total safety.
  • Perform recovery of any length password (short to long length password).
  • Supports recover of multilingual, symbolic, numerical, & alphabetic passwords.
  • Brute Force, Mask, and Dictionary attacks are three different password recovery that software offers for instant password recovery.
  • Copy the recovered password in one click, using the Copy to Clipboard feature.
  • Works with all Windows editions, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and others.


The ideal way for performing this 7z password recovery process is using the automated tool PassVare 7z Password Recovery Software. It uses smart password recovery techniques like- Brute Force, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack to quickly recover 7z /7zip passwords. Download and try the free demo edition of this tool to know its features and work.

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