Rar Password Recovery Software

Rar Password Recovery

Have any encrypted Rar/WinRar files locked with strong character combinations and want to unlock immediately? Then simply make use of the most efficient and risk-free utility known as PassVare Rar password Recovery Tool. Fastest and highly recommended software by every IT experts to Recover Lost RAR password or Recover forgotten Winrar Password.

Download WinRar Password Recovery Software Free Demo edition to instantly recover first three characters of lost password for free.

  • High-speed password characters searching algorithms to recover lost rar password
  • Retrieve lost Rar password & all winrar file password in a very short amount of time.
  • Maintains all informative data of rar file during and after Winrar Password Recovery.
  • Unlock password protected rar file encrypted with any encryption algorithm like- AES or others.
  • Recover anysized password (long to short) with 2-3 clicks recovery process.
  • Comes with three powerful password decryption algorithms to recover forgotten winrar password:-
  • Brute Force Attack:- Search for lost password from all character combinations
  • Mask Attack:- Recover unknown characters of a halfly known password
  • Dictionary Attack:- From an inbuilt dictionary(.dic) file search & reteive lost password
  • Winrar Password Recovery software free demo version also available for each user to firstly evaluate the software functions

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Get Demo edition of Winrar Password recovery software to extract first 3 chracter of a lost password for free.

Recovery Algorithms used by Rar Password Unlocker

Passvare's Best Rar Password Recovery tool for windows comes with highly secure & advanced password recovery techniques that makes the password recovery in a much fastest and easy manner-

Brute Force Attack

Best option that is available for users to make instant recovery of unknown passwords is Brute Force Attack method. Using brute force technique the software searches the exact RAR password from multiple character combinations.

Brute-force with Mask Attack

Make Zip password recovery speedily through Brute-force with Mask Attack. Simply set the password range, length, and enter starting known character combinations and start the recovery to get immediate results.

Dictionary Attack Attack

Recover lost RAR Passwords which is created with an english word using dictionary attack method. Customize the inbuilt dictionary file as well as add a new .dic file to search lost password quickly.

Prominent features of Zip Password Recovery Tool

High-speed Password Recovery

High Speed RAR Password Recovery

Winrar Password Recovery software is an instant solution to make recovery of lost passwords that is created with any character combination. Software offers three fastest techniques to securely retrieve lost rar password in simple steps. Users can set different parameters to increase password recovery speed.

easy steps to recover lost password

Easy Steps to Recover RAR Password

Make a secure recovery of lost rar file password with RAR Password Recovery Tool. Software retrieves the entire characters of forgotten rar passwords of any length in simple clicks. Users just need to select the Rar/WinRar file from its location, and choose a password recovery technique and the software will automatically retrieve and show the password on your screen.

100% safe and secure recovery of lost password

100% Safe & Secure solution to Recover Password

Users can recover any encrypted Rar file password with 100% security and without facing any kind of trouble. The software has been tested with multiple reputed antivirus programs. Users will never have any problem while using this software and it provides a guarantee of making a risk-free password recovery process in a very short amount of time.

Recover Password of any character combination

Recover Password Any Character Set

Rar Passwords that are created with any character combination (including- Alphabetical, Symbolic, numerical, special characters etc) can be recovered easily using the Rar Unlocker tool. The software has also provided the option to set password rage as well as offers to choose the charset to retrive password rapdily.

Brute Force Attack

Recover Rar File Password with Brute Force Attack

If you don’t know anything about your rar password but want to recover it the brute force attack method can help. This is the best technique available in the software that searches all character combinations one by one to retrieve lost passwords. Also, user can set the length and choose characters combination to recover lost rar password immediately.

Dictionary Attack

Dictionary Attack to Recover Lost RAR Password

Software comes with an inbuilt dictionary file with over 10000+ english words. If a user has created their password with a word that is available in the dictionary the software will instantly fetch it and show it to the user for recovery. Users can also edit this .dic file or add a new dictionary file to increase the speed of the recovery process.

Brute Force with Mask Attack

Recover forgotten Winrar Password with Brute Force with Mask Attack

Have some known character of your lost rar password then make use of Brute Force with Mask Attack of Rar Password Recovery tool. Users will get benefits of making recovery of only required characters of a lost password. Enter the known character and put the ? sign for unknown character and choose character sets and the software will start the process of recovering only required characters.

Windows compatible

Efficiently Works With All Windows Version

The Rar/WinRar Password Recovery tool is a windows based utility that is officially designed for windows based users. All the editions of windows including newer to older versions are supported with this tool. Users can take advantage of this tool to unlock password protection from rar files on windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and below versions.

Recover password with data loss

Make Password Recovery Without Losing Any Data

This software’s main priority is to make the recovery task of lost password in a simple manner without affecting any data inside Rar files. It never creates any changes in the Rar files without users permission. During and after the process of password recovery it never loses a single bit of information from protected Rar files.

winrar password recovery software free

Free Demo Edition Available for Every User

If a user wants to first try this software for free before purchasing they can try the free demo edition of it. The demo edition works similarly to the Free Rar Password Recovery tool. With free demo edition user can get the first three characters of a lost rar file password at free of cost.


    Recover Lost Rar file password to instantly open password protected RAR files:-
  • Download PassVare RAR Password Recovery Software and install it on a windows based computer.
  • Import password protectyed Rar/WinRar file.
  • Select any password recovery technique from the provided three options in the software (Brute Force, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack) and modify setting as per requirements.
  • Press the Start button and begin RAR file password recovery process.
  • After recovery enter the recovered password on your Password protected Zip file and open it easily.

A. Yes... Any kind of passwords including- Alphabets, Numeric, Symbolic, or password created with non english chracters, can be recovered simply with Passware Rar Password Recovery tool.

A. After completing the password recovery process user can use the copy to clipboard feature to select and copy the the entire password in on click to skip the the process of manually typing whole password characters to unlock rar file.

A. No... there is no limitation on password length and file size. Any user can perform unlimited recovery of lost Rar passwords of any character combinations.

A. This depends on the length and character combination of your password. For an instant result user can choose the recovery technique that suite their requiremts (Brute-force Attack, Brute-force Attack with Mask Attack, & Dictionary Attack).

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